• In a world where connectivity is key, heartbeat of technology resonates in every pocket and smartphones are our constant companions. It all began with two tech enthusiasts Sumedh Sollapure and Mayur Deshpande who shared a common passion and believed that in this dynamic environment, smartphones and computers are not just devices, They are an extension of our identity, a gateway to our world and there is much more to add to them.

  • On 25th September 2020, in the city of Belagavi-Karnataka, Mouserise emerged as a brand to set out on a mission to redefine the charging and powering experience. Since then, we are the fastest growing smartphone accessories brand in India with our own online store and products distributed across the country through Amazon, Flipkart and Distribution and Retail B2B channels.


    Mouserise understands that charging and powering is not just a necessity, it's about elevating your device experience. Our charging accessories are not just about delivering power, they are a statement of style that seamlessly complement the aesthetics of your device.

    Mouserise ethos revolves around simplifying your life, enhancing your style, and ensuring that you're always charged and connected. We believe in empowering individuals to embrace their digital lifestyles without compromise.